How COVID-19 Affected A Lot

The whole world changed so abruptly in 2020 because of the global pandemic, COVID-19.

COVID really affected me personally in many ways. 

ONE // My study abroad trip to London was supposed to happen in the Summer of 2020, but instead I got to create awesome motion graphics pieces in the summer. Probably not as exciting as being in London, but at least I was able to create more pieces and learn new things.

TWO // I was furloughed for a few months from work so I was stuck at home 24/7, but I’m grateful I didn’t have to worry about getting exposed to the virus whereas some of my coworkers had to work the entire time. But of course people still aren’t wearing masks so I’m still at risk, but it is what it is.

THREE // For the rest of the spring semester, everyone had to adapt to being online, virtual, zoom calls, you name it. It really made me unmotivated because I was so used to being in class with everyone and actually making physical projects. It’s hard to give feedback virtually sometimes because of bad connection, not being able to hear someone, or just because it’s difficult to get your creative mind flowing when you’re in the same place day and night.

FOUR // Senior Capstones were an online exhibition so I wasn’t able to take in the final projects in the gallery setting, so it was a huge bummer I couldn’t see the senior’s projects and talk to them in person about their designs.

FIVE // The art building is currently closed at a certain time during the week, and closed on the weekends, so now I can’t go somewhere I’d be comfortable and just work next to my classmates and friends late at night. I have to adjust sitting in a public space and working quietly whereas in the art building, there would be music playing and groups of people in almost every room just working on projects, walking in and out for feedback and critiques.

COVID really just affected some experiences I was looking forward to and my motivation to keep making good designs and good projects in general. Sure I can change my scenery from being at home to being in a cafe or library, but the art building around my classmates is where my creativity comes with no effort and my motivation to get things done is at its highest. 

Hopefully people can take the pandemic seriously so things can get back to normal.

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