Learning Printmaking

Printmaking projects and techniques..

Printmaking is a really interesting art form. Although some techniques are very tedious, sometimes the surprise of what your print will come out like is actually rather exciting. Over the course of my experience with printmaking at home because of COVID precautions taken place at school, I think I did an okay job on my own. My professor took us through various stages, medium, and techniques through the course and made each project a little more difficult than the last. I had a difficult time with every single project. I find linoleum to be the best material to carve into, but too much force in a small intricate detail could ruin your piece so easily. I learned a lot with trial and error in this course but I find printmaking to be actually rather relaxing and a much needed break from the constant graphic design work on my computer. So now with that said, let’s take a look at all my projects!



Woodcut Print


Linocut Print


Multi-Linocut Print


This was such a fun class! I think my favorite one to carve was the linocut Eiffel Tower, and the most stressful was the multi-linocut print because of the registration of the colors. (although.. the woodcut almost made me cry of frustration 20 times…) It was such a difficult process and I give kudos to all the printmaking artists out there who can do it flawlessly! Thanks for viewing!

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