A New Look

Rebranding Myself.

Like every designer, new logos and rebranding comes after so long. I first branded myself my spring semester of sophomore year in 2019, and then again in the summer of 2019. Here I am again with another look, that I feel really defines me and says so much about me. Being known as “The Lettering Queen” at Southern Miss, I decided to embrace that trait and skill about me and went strictly with handlettered type! I honestly had a hard time because I kept saying “Oh no that S is terrible” or “What is that g doing.. are you serious Sam?” But after experimenting with flourishes and seeing how I could connect my first and last name together I finally found the perfect sketch.

I also want to mention that I didn’t even realize I made the flourish from the h to the e look like an L if you turn your head, and Le is my middle name. How cool is that? I literally made my middle name connect my first and last. For colors, not only did I choose the colors from the Vietnamese flag, but I also asked people what they see when they see me, and they said a fire-y red, and yellow is a joyful color which I can be at times as well. 🙂

I spend most of my free time looking at lettering artists and type designers and just hope to one day be even close to their level. I found a love for lettering in 2014, and ever since then I practice many different ways to letter a letter. I first started following hand lettering artists that have a big following on instagram and just being in awe at how they can letter in different mediums such as ink, watercolor, pen, crayon, you name it. Then as I grew as a graphic designer, I started following big type artists such as Jessica Hische and Lauren Hom. Typography doesn’t interest many people, but I really enjoy looking at letterforms and the ways people design and create compositions with just letters. It’s actually really interesting.

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