A website & social media ad campgain.

*2020 Silver ADDY Award Winner (Website)*

Accents is a small business in Hattiesburg, MS that sells unique home decor and gifts. The project was required to highlight something about the business and I chose to showcase the Etta B Pottery they sell because it’s the only place in Hattiesburg that sells this pottery. Also required were a products page, a light box, and a checkout page. Desktop, tablet, and mobile versions were required as well to show how us as a designer think about responsive web design.

For the social media ad campaign, 3 Instagram pieces, 2 Facebook pieces, and 1 Twitter ad were required to continue selling the featured product from the website. I decided to add a texture in the ads to tie them all together even though they run across different social media platforms. The campaign is about buying unique pottery to make your home unique, which ultimately makes you unique for having a one-of-a-kind piece of pottery.

The Website:

Social Media Ad Campgain: