Body Shaming

A single spread for a magazine article about a social issue.

*2019 Gold ADDY Award Winner*

The objective for this project is to create a photo manipulation of a subject pertaining to an issue in society. The only thing allowed were found images from magazines, books, etc. After some research on various subjects, I felt body shaming would be something I would be passionate about when creating this piece. I found many images of beautiful models, skinny petite women, plus sized women, black, white, you name it. 

The problem I was afraid I would run into is that body shaming isn’t just towards bigger women, but also thin women. There’s also the shaming towards tattoos and skin conditions, and that’s why the main woman is covered in marks.

The idea of the tape measure came as a last minute thought, but it helped me with moving the eye from the main illustration to the page with the body copy.