Dublin Murder Squad

Branding for Tana French’s book series

*2020 Silver ADDY Award Winner (Book Covers)*

The Dublin Murder Squad is a book series of murder mystery and thriller. I’ve always been interested in a lot of crime and murder mystery shows so I was able to keep up with the suspense of finding out what happened to the girls that died in each book. Which brings me to the design behind my book covers; each cover highlights the girl who was killed in each story.

In the first book, the little girl was a ballerina. In the second book, the girl looked exactly like the main character detective, Cassie, and the story takes place in this house as well as the idea of a reflection in the window gives a relation to the fact that she has a doppelgänger. In the third book, the girl was supposed to run away with the main character boss, Frank, so I illustrated the idea with her on a road with a suitcase.

Required was 3 book jackets, a poster, and an in-store display as well as two other pieces of our choice. I decided to make a website informing about the books and a shop, and a series of 3 typographical posters of sayings or quotes from each book.

Book Spreads:




In-Store Display: