Packaging for a rootbeer from the 1940s!

*2020 Silver ADDY Award Winner*

Time to sit back, relax, and time travel to the 1940s with your Fourcade root beer! This packaging was required to be based off a time period prior to the 1950s, and I chose the 1940s. I was really interested in the style of propaganda posters they created during the World War II. The use of these brushstrokes is what really grabbed my attention so I used it all around and through my packaging.

I was looking at all of the different typefaces used in old Nat Geo magazines and actually hand lettered two designs for the wordmark. Slants were also used a lot in the posters then so I incorporated that into my design as well. I experimented with screen printing, which was what was done to most if not all root beer bottles in the 1940s, and it was a challenge but it turned out much better than I was expecting.