Loke Coffee Shop

A coffee shop branding based off of Estonian culture.

*2020 Silver ADDY Award Winner (Coffee Bags)*

This is an Estonian culture inspired coffee shop branding identity project. After much research, I found that bonfires are really important in the Estonian culture because it brings good health and success. There are multiple bonfire celebrations and events that contain bonfires year round. I also found that the geometric patterns in their clothing have symbolic meanings and mimic cross-stitching as well.

Lõke means bonfire in Estonian.

Three bags are created using the limited color palette of tan, brown, and red, but each bag is a different color to help identify which flavor is what. I chose tan to be light roast, brown for medium roast, and of course the bold red for dark roast. I created a cross-stitch pattern to mimic the patterns in the clothing and chose to use the 8-pointed star, diamonds, and a fire flame to tie back into the bonfire aspect mentioned before.


The lookbook’s purpose is for potential investors for the coffee shop. Inside are contents of all of the brand’s background & design choices, as well as how and why the Estonian culture influences those elements. The outside cover of the book and the quotes across the spreads are in a copper foil, and the pattern from the coffee bags are used throughout the entire book.

View the full pdf here.


The website’s purpose is to inform viewers of the coffee shop and what it has to offer. I used the patterns from the bags and lookbook to tie into the brand aesthetic. The patterns worked really well for separators or just as visual interest to sections on the page.