Philadelphia Travel Guide

Food, family, & fun in Philadelphia!

A travel guide for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for my production class! I picked a city I was really unfamiliar with, but after some research I found that it’s a really cool place! I showcased many places to eat, things to do, and sights to see. I focused heavily on images, because I feel like a travel guide needs that to try to persuade viewers to come visit.

I picked the top places to go for each section and listed out the business info such as the number, address, and open times so the tourist will have all of that in their hands without having to go searching on the internet. The second part of this project was creating a holder for it, so I decided to get a little crafty and made it in the shape of Pennsylvania! When you open it, the flaps form the outline of the state.

Here are a few spreads from the travel guide.