PSA Beauty Products

The harsh reality of animal testing on beauty products.

This PSA poster was created for the topic of animal testing for beauty products.  Requirements were 100% found objects and materials (with added digital text later placed in the composition). This issue is something that I believe has been around for a while and still is to this day. Many makeup/beauty companies test their products on animals and harm them physically and emotionally. This project gave me a different perspective on the three-dimensionality of design and that some things just need to be made by hand to get the full affect.

I found rabbits were used the most for testing, so I found a stuffed rabbit and basically destroyed it. Using red nail polish to act as blood, I really just pushed the idea of the harsh treatment rabbits experience when being tested on. Since many products are for eyes, sticking a makeup brush into the eye socket was just an exaggerated way to showcase that aspect. I used fur for the background with eyeshadow and blush mixed into it as well as for the text at the bottom which reads “Our Beauty, Their Pain” and again that use of nail polish to act as blood to emphasize the pain these animals experience.

For an expansion to this project, I created two more posters with different animals and message. I chose a dog that’s decaying with the use of green eyeshadow and a cat that is being stabbed in the neck with a makeup brush to mimic a needle. Using faux fur cutout letterforms, the message is still similar to the original with the fact of human beauty with certain makeup products have caused pain for animals.

Enjoy some bloody (nail polish) close ups.