SPVA Design Team

SPVA is the School of Performing and Visual Arts at the University of Southern Mississippi. I was honored to be selected to be a part of this design and marketing team, because it’s some of the best of the best students at Southern Miss. On this team, I was under the direction of the professor, a creative director, and an art director. I served as a senior designer creating lots of motion ads and branding for events. Being a part of this team made me realize how important working with a team can be and understanding roles and delegations. This team creates social media content, advertisements, branding and identity for the areas of art, design, dance, and theatre. Take a look at USMartdesign !

Big shout out to the professor, Jacob Cotton, for leading and educating this team and pushing us to create really nice projects! To Madison Copeland for being a great friend, designer, leader, and Creative Director! To Travis Cumbest for being the Art Director of the motion graphics team and creating high quality work, making me push myself to be half as good as him! And to the other members Madelynn Payne, Hannah Cantrell, Christian Gammill, and Keely Trail for being talented designers on the team, giving great feedback, and creating great work!

Below are some of the projects I designed and created, along with the help of other team members.

We Are Here Ad

*2020 Gold ADDY Award Winner*

An ad showcasing the School of Performing and Visual Arts (SPVA) at the University of Southern Mississippi still at school creating content and being motivated and inspiring while in the middle of a global pandemic, COVID-19. This ad showcases all the majors, programs, skills, performances, and so much more that SPVA has to offer.

The Big Show Ad

“This SPVA recruitment extravaganza combines all of the fanfare and past recruitment events like Theatre’s Curtain Up, Dance’s High School Dance Day, and Art + Design’s Open House. Here prospective students get to find out what it means to be a major in the SPVA and have opportunities to apply for scholarships.”


“A multi-arts event celebrating the artistic work of faculty and students in the School of Performing and Visual Arts at Southern Miss, which boasts over 50 events. Special programming of artistic and creative activities for the weeks include master classes, workshops, guest and visiting artists, family-friendly events, and formal productions.

This multi-arts, multi-week festival has been an opportunity for the programs in the School of Performing and Visual Arts, including Art and Design, Dance, and Theatre, to collaborate and build community within the School and throughout Hattiesburg.