Visit Hattiesburg Ad

Group Commercial advertising Hattiesburg, MS.

*2019 Silver ADDY Award Winner*

Other members included Alec Chandler and Alexandria Moore (hey guys!!). Alec did the animation of the logos and Alex filmed all of our footage. I was tasked with the script, and we all worked together in the end to get the animated text working with the footage we had. Normally in group projects there may be one person that slacks off, but I believe we all worked together as a team and we were very pleased with the end results.

I have become very interested in web design or maybe Adobe XD is just.. fun, so for an expansion project I also created a website redesign for Visit Hattiesburg. I categorized things of importance based off of the Visit Hattiesburg group commercial. The commercial highlighted places to eat, things to do, and the history of Hattiesburg, so I designed the website to do the same. I added a web mockup below with a few of the pages I designed, or you can view the video for the full website design.