Lettering & Typography.

I started to pick up an interest in lettering back in 2014, I can’t remember exactly what led me to it but I do remember seeing a cool piece on Pinterest so I found a piece of poster board and some paint and began lettering. Over the years, I’ve found a lot of talented lettering artists all over instagram! From canvases, watercolors, ink, even food! Any medium you can think of really. When I switched my major to graphic design, I started to pick up an interest in typography and have loved learning how people connect letterforms or come up with interesting ways to design the alphabet. My lettering work has slowed down a lot since being in school, but it’s been a relaxing hobby of mine that I’m so eager to get back into. I love lettering on canvases with acrylic paint, watercolor mediums on mixed media paper, and one thing I want to pick up is digital lettering on Procreate.